• Ariane Löbert

  • journalist

  • Potsdam, Nalles

  • Germany, Italy

what do designers do?

  • In the journalistic environment designers create layouts for print, develop graphics and info graphics, edit photos, etc.

  • worked together before

    Many times.

  • additional thoughts

    My answers are related to graphic designers in South Tyrol, Italy. In Germany graphic designers will earn more money.

  • working at night per month

    A couple of times per month.

how do designers develop ideas?

  • They gather ideas from their own large pool of creative thoughts and their experiences, do researches on the internet or in other media, and take their inspiration from other designer’s work.

what is an ideal designer like?

  • Creative, fast, independent, full of enthusiasm.

  • relationship with designer

    Open minded, equal, based on mutual interest in the other’s work.

  • getting along with salary

    They muddle through somehow.

  • designer’s monthly salary

    1.501 – 2.000 €

  • Ariane Löbert

  • journalist

  • Potsdam, Nalles

  • Germany, Italy