• Barbara Kofler

  • literary scholar

  • Munich

  • Germany

what do designers do?

  • That’s hard to explain. They have to plan projects in different media (virtual, print). They work with concepts, ideas, creativity and computers.

  • worked together before


  • additional thoughts

    I think to be a designer isn’t just a profession but a lifestyle. They see the world with different eyes. If they do a good job and have success they can organise their daily tasks and work self-determined. They can cope with their salary if they get enough jobs and do them well. Maybe it is hard to become known and get booked.

  • working at night per month

    A couple of times per month.

how do designers spend their time
on average workday?

  • 09:00


    • designing

      1 1 1 1 1

    • research


    • writing emails


    • handling calls


    • managing


      planning their projects

    • other

      1 j

      Sitting on computer trying to improve their work just by trying out, rest: learning new programs improving their knowledge

how do designers develop ideas?

  • They get their ideas from their surrounding, from family, friends, adverts, internet, books and from their improved thinking about a thing.

what is an ideal designer like?

  • Creative, fast, flexible, understanding, punctual.

  • relationship with designer

    One of my friends is a designer. She is always stressed out and rarely finds time for herself and some free time. She is reliable when it comes to her work and projects but not very reliable when it comes to punctuality and arrangements with her friends :)

  • getting along with salary

    They cope well.

  • designer’s monthly salary

    1.000 – 1.500 €

  • Barbara Kofler

  • literary scholar

  • Munich

  • Germany