what do designers do?

  • I am making things look nicer and easier to understand – at least I try, ha ha. I work for a better communication between people.

  • Art Direction
    Art Direction is the formulation of guidelines for the development of a specific creative product. The Art Director, as leader of a team comprised of various creative experts, makes decisions to achieve a product’s greatest possible potential.
    Brand Strategy
    Through branding and brand strategy, products have the potential to not only increase in their performance and function, but to also enhance the worth which differentiates them from other products in complex markets. The goal is to attain the long term orientation, trust and identification of customers.
    Branding and Identity
    Branding and corporate Identity include the sum of all visual representations of a business. The image (corporate design), the verbal expressions, behavior, and manner among both the internal and external public orientate around the business’s values.
    Corporate Design
    Corporate design describes the compilation and definition of visual elements of a brand identity such as logo, typography, color and image concept, business layout and architecture.
    Editorial Design
    Editorial design is the conception and design of journals, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and books and is directly connected with the redactional work.
    Exhibition Design
    Exhibition design (museography, scenography) includes the conception and design of exhibitions. It subordinates the exhibited objects, operates the background and makes their significance and goals for the viewer perceivable.
    Illustration could be identified as “writing with the help of images”. Illustrations develop through brainstorming, creative problem solving and a precise and evident visual implementation, which is diversely applicable and can be portrayed through various mediums.
    Information Design
    Information design includes the intelligent visualization of scientific information through graphic or interactive elements. Complex data would be intermediated to the user through an accessible and useable method.
    Motion Graphics
    Motion graphics, or animation, is an audio/visual design, through which images in movement are applied. They are used in the visualization of developments, computer games, web design, by films or in television.
    Print spans the design of all printed objects.
    Packaging Design
    Packaging Design, which next to their advertising and informational function also provides a protective and logistical function.
    Web Design
    Web design is the conception, design, and structure of websites, the navigation, and the user guide. It addresses interface design from information offers and applications in the World Wide Web.
  • motivation for designing

    Because I always wanted to create. Working as a designer/artist helped me getting closer to that aim.

  • learned to design

    I studied at the Blocherer Schule (Academy for Communication and Graphic Design) in Munich from 1995–1999.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • additional thoughts

    Have fun and don’t take design too seriously – most of the time we are not saving the world with design, ha ha.

  • working at night per month

    A couple of times per month.

how do designers develop ideas?

  • Thinking about them while going for a walk with my dog.

  • main influences

    Everything that affects my daily life. Too long to make a list.

what is an ideal designer like?

  • Self confident. Understanding that other people might also have an opinion – and respect that. Not afraid to fall. Always confident that there are better designers out there too and be happy about that because it helps progressing. Helpful towards upcoming talents and supportive.

what is a dream client like?

  • Like a dream.

  • relationship with client

    I’m always trying to have a good relationship with my clients which works out most of the times. Some of them became friends after working together.

  • getting along with salary

    I cope well.

  • Christian Hundertmark

  • C100 Studio

  • Munich

  • Germany