what do designers do?

  • I’m a graphic designer.

  • Art Direction
    Art Direction is the formulation of guidelines for the development of a specific creative product. The Art Director, as leader of a team comprised of various creative experts, makes decisions to achieve a product’s greatest possible potential.
    Branding and Identity
    Branding and corporate Identity include the sum of all visual representations of a business. The image (corporate design), the verbal expressions, behavior, and manner among both the internal and external public orientate around the business’s values.
    Corporate Design
    Corporate design describes the compilation and definition of visual elements of a brand identity such as logo, typography, color and image concept, business layout and architecture.
    Print spans the design of all printed objects.
    Packaging Design
    Packaging Design, which next to their advertising and informational function also provides a protective and logistical function.
  • motivation for designing

    I don’t have an ultimate goal of any kind. When I’m working with musicians or film makers or anybody else, I’m trying to give their work and extra layer that brings stuff to an even better level.

  • learned to design

    On my own with my cousins. I learned a lot when I first worked in an agency, though, which gave me the possibility and responsibility to do good things from the get go.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • working at night per month


how do designers develop ideas?

  • When I work with musicians I listen to their music, when I design stuff for motion pictures I watch the film. Everything I do is deeply influenced by the product itself, my work comes from that and then it is very easy.

  • main influences

    Pretty things. All kinds of things actually. I really like the way Sagmeister works.

what is a dream client like?

  • Trusting, appreciative of your work.

  • relationship with client

    We often grow together and become friends. The clue is to understand their work and target audience and enhance that with your work.

  • getting along with salary

    It is difficult to cope.

  • Christian Pitschl

  • Allafine

  • Vienna

  • Austria