• Claudia Deimel

  • manager of social innovations

  • Munich

  • Germany

what do designers do?

  • Incorporate information creatively to draw attention and portray the innovation and speciality of a product.

  • worked together before

    A couple of times.

  • additional thoughts

    I think there should be an intensive network and an exchange between the disciplines, already during the studies. That creates a better understanding and a higher esteem. A possible “negative image” or prejudices can be reduced too.

  • working at night per month

    Many times per month.

what is an ideal designer like?

  • Creative, spontaneous, loving details, visionary, thinking differently.

  • relationship with designer

    Intensive, relaxed cooperation.

  • getting along with salary

    It is difficult to cope.

  • designer’s monthly salary

    2.501 – 3.000 €

what is a dream client like?

  • Gives the necessary creative freedom. In the beginning the client describes exactly what the designer should design for (product and target group) and agrees on modifications.

  • Claudia Deimel

  • manager of social innovations

  • Munich

  • Germany