what do designers do?

  • Usually I say I make logos, printed matter and websites. That seems to be the quickest way for non-designers to understand.

  • Art Direction
    Art Direction is the formulation of guidelines for the development of a specific creative product. The Art Director, as leader of a team comprised of various creative experts, makes decisions to achieve a product’s greatest possible potential.
    Branding and Identity
    Branding and corporate Identity include the sum of all visual representations of a business. The image (corporate design), the verbal expressions, behavior, and manner among both the internal and external public orientate around the business’s values.
    Corporate Design
    Corporate design describes the compilation and definition of visual elements of a brand identity such as logo, typography, color and image concept, business layout and architecture.
    Exhibition Design
    Exhibition design (museography, scenography) includes the conception and design of exhibitions. It subordinates the exhibited objects, operates the background and makes their significance and goals for the viewer perceivable.
    Print spans the design of all printed objects.
    Packaging Design
    Packaging Design, which next to their advertising and informational function also provides a protective and logistical function.
    Product Design
    Product design maintains the goal to improve the functional, interactive, and formal/aesthetic qualities of industrial product producers.
    Web Design
    Web design is the conception, design, and structure of websites, the navigation, and the user guide. It addresses interface design from information offers and applications in the World Wide Web.
  • motivation for designing

    I like to design. Once I realised what design was everything became clear and I knew I wanted to do it. I want to run a small studio that does good work.

  • learned to design

    I studied at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland and Ravensbourne College of Design, London.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • working at night per month

    A couple of times per month.

how do designers develop ideas?

  • I speak to client. I think about what they actually need. I think about how I can design probably while doing something else. I start doing.

  • main influences

    Bruno Munari, Bauhaus, Mind Design.

what is a dream client like?

  • Brave, organized, passionate, rich, well-connected.

  • relationship with client

    Professional, relaxed but I take care to keep a small distance. Some clients are very informal and if you are too friendly they can start to expect favours. I try to avoid giving my mobile number at all costs! But it really depends on the person. Mostly they become long term. There is usually some bumps but nothing major. Ps. I have been invited to a good clients wedding party!

  • getting along with salary

    It is difficult to cope.

  • Craig Sinnamon

  • Craig Sinnamon Studio

  • London

  • United Kingdom