what do designers do?

  • I make books.

  • Editorial Design
    Editorial design is the conception and design of journals, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and books and is directly connected with the redactional work.
    Information Design
    Information design includes the intelligent visualization of scientific information through graphic or interactive elements. Complex data would be intermediated to the user through an accessible and useable method.
    Print spans the design of all printed objects.
  • motivation for designing

    I feel it is important, I like it and am good at it. My goal is to create clarity.

  • learned to design

    I learned to design at Rietveld Academy from Bas Oudt and Frans Bevers.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • working at night per month


how do designers develop ideas?

  • Conceptual thinking and analysis of an assignment. Typological research: looking at other books, mostly. Sketching.

  • main influences

    Who: Wim Crouwel, Lars Müller, Reynoud Homan. What: books, lots of (old) books, both fiction and non-fiction. But also movies, documentaries, ballet, exhibitions, architecture, cities.

what is a dream client like?

  • Open, intelligent, communicative, cultural, analytical.

  • relationship with client

    Holiday love affairs: short, intense and then never see each other again.

  • getting along with salary

    I cope well.

  • Joost Grootens

  • Studio Joost Grootens

  • Amsterdam

  • The Netherlands