what do designers do?

  • Sitting, breathing, thinking.

  • Brand Strategy
    Through branding and brand strategy, products have the potential to not only increase in their performance and function, but to also enhance the worth which differentiates them from other products in complex markets. The goal is to attain the long term orientation, trust and identification of customers.
    Corporate Design
    Corporate design describes the compilation and definition of visual elements of a brand identity such as logo, typography, color and image concept, business layout and architecture.
    Exhibition Design
    Exhibition design (museography, scenography) includes the conception and design of exhibitions. It subordinates the exhibited objects, operates the background and makes their significance and goals for the viewer perceivable.
  • motivation for designing

    Be true. Make things coherent and comprehensible. Remove obstacles.

  • learned to design

    Observe, try, review, try again. in central Ulm, near the Münster.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • working at night per month

    Once a month.

how do designers develop ideas?

  • Pen, paper, cup of tea. Short brainstorm-session with someone.

  • main influences

    The saying “less is more”, although it seems stereotyped. different disciplines across art, architecture and design inspire me, as well as nature.

what is a dream client like?

  • Humorous, relaxed, respectful (that’s it).

  • relationship with client

    Ambivalent: love and hate.

  • getting along with salary

    I cope well.

  • Linde Böhm

  • Büro Münzing

  • Stuttgart

  • Germany