• Martin Fischnaller

  • Engineer

  • Munich

  • Germany

what do designers do?

  • They create modern, beautiful and functional products and services – which we need or not – in our environment.

  • worked together before


  • additional thoughts

    There exist many designers in different disciplines. Good designers, which understand the suggestions of the clients and can develop them, are rare.
    Customer loyalty is important to me! Self-employed and small-business designers have to work hard to sell their work.

    Unfortunately the wide general public just knows mostly big design agencies or product designers (e.g. automobile designers).

  • working at night per month

    Once a month.

what is an ideal designer like?

  • An idea driven person.

  • relationship with designer

    As a normal business partner: mutual appreciation, confidence in respective work.

  • getting along with salary

    They cope well.

  • designer’s monthly salary

    1.501 – 2.000 €

  • Martin Fischnaller

  • Engineer

  • Munich

  • Germany