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what do designers do?

  • I am working as a graphic designer, lecturer and researcher.

  • Art Direction
    Art Direction is the formulation of guidelines for the development of a specific creative product. The Art Director, as leader of a team comprised of various creative experts, makes decisions to achieve a product’s greatest possible potential.
    Branding and Identity
    Branding and corporate Identity include the sum of all visual representations of a business. The image (corporate design), the verbal expressions, behavior, and manner among both the internal and external public orientate around the business’s values.
    Corporate Design
    Corporate design describes the compilation and definition of visual elements of a brand identity such as logo, typography, color and image concept, business layout and architecture.
    Editorial Design
    Editorial design is the conception and design of journals, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and books and is directly connected with the redactional work.
    Information Design
    Information design includes the intelligent visualization of scientific information through graphic or interactive elements. Complex data would be intermediated to the user through an accessible and useable method.
    Interface Design
    An interface designer engages with the conception and design of user interfaces of technology. The goal is to intermediate complex information as well as to achieve user friendliness.
    Print spans the design of all printed objects.
    Web Design
    Web design is the conception, design, and structure of websites, the navigation, and the user guide. It addresses interface design from information offers and applications in the World Wide Web.
  • motivation for designing

    Earning money. AND: “Changing existing situations into preferred ones” aka: Make the world a better place.

  • learned to design

    My first reproduced products were flyers for self-initiated parties in Munich, then I studied graphic design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, now I am doing my PhD in graphic design history Bern. I will never stop learning to design only the context is changing.

  • year since working as
    professional designer


  • age of first design career thought


  • working at night per month


how do designers develop ideas?

  • Mainly from what’s there. But some ideas need even more.

  • main influences

    The problem to solve and how it has been solved in the past.

what is a dream client like?

  • Down-to-earth, enjoyable, wealthy, literately, handsome (sounds like a dating advertisement).

  • relationship with client

    Varying between amicable (less money, more fun), and formal (more money, less fun).

  • getting along with salary

    I cope well.

  • Robert Lzicar

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  • Zurich

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