Hi! Are you not a designer?

Then feel free to take part in this questionnaire about what communication designers, graphic designers do.

Who are you?

Have you ever worked with a designer before?

What do communication designers do?

About designers’ average workday:

What time do designers start working?

What time do designers stop working?

How do designers divide their time on average work day? Determine the amount of time they usually spend on the several tasks.

  • :


  • :


  • :

    writing emails

  • :

    handling calls

  • :


  • :


How often designers you work at night (e.g. before a deadline)?

About designers’ working methods:

How do designers develop their ideas?

How does a designers’ workplace look like?

About your expectations:

What is an ideal designer like?

How is your relationship with designers?

What is a dream client like?

What do you like or dislike
about the designers’ behaviour?

Finally, let’s talk about money:

How do designers get along with their salary?

What could a designer’s monthly salary be?

A final word?

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