• Reliable, punctual, creative, precise, takes in the client’s ideas and wishes.

    • Manuel Egger

    • Reliable, competent, “touched-by-art”, full of ideas, contemporary.

    • Paul Gruber

    • Creative, innovative, brave, outgoing and seeking.

    • Jane Treial

    • Creative, flexible (in the mind), has a personality, classy and well-structured (clear and straight forwarded).

    • Silvia Zieger

    • Creative, talented painter, skillful at dealing with computers.

    • Leo Noel

    • Creative, empathetic, professional, reachable or available, fast.

    • Galina Bankova

    • Creative, imaginative, not “normal”, outstanding, open minded, exceptionally talented, cool.

    • Sabine Psaier

    • Creative, customizable, imaginative, gifted in drawing.

    • Lena Richter

    • Creative, unconventional, co-operative, inspiring, conscientious.

    • Ruth Wieser

    • The designer understands the client and the briefing, has a wide range of knowledge, know all basics about typography, printing and technical tools. She/he is creative and has a lot of ideas.

    • Harald Roalter

    • Passionate, straight thinking, creative, appropriate temper, patient.

    • Marian Izsak

    • Creative, Confident, Versatile, Sharing my interests, fast working ;-)

    • Nico Keller

    • With new ideas, they explain their ideas, their ideas shape up.

    • Helmut Fluck

    • Concise, well-educated, opinionated, no nonsense.

    • Tim Jäger

    • Creative (!!!), reliable, advisory resistant, modern, team oriented.

    • Katharina Kofler

    • Creative, sense of function and aesthetics, imagination, ability to listen and understand, open minded.

    • Christine Ladstätter

    • Creative, competent, punctual, committed, wants to fulfill the client’s wishes and needs.

    • Lisa Psaier

    • The designer has to understand immediately the needs of the client, must be creative and a very fast worker.

    • Jakob Oberrauch

    • Modern, smart, thinking differently, minimalistic.

    • Luca Baldini

    • Creative, ambitious, sensitive, powers of imagination, practice-oriented.

    • Doris Wisthaler

    • Creative, spontaneous, loving details, visionary, thinking differently.

    • Claudia Deimel

Alfonso Demetz
Andreas Uebele
Anna Creamer
Bernd Hilpert
Chrissie Muhr
Christian Begusch
Christian Hundertmark
Christian Pitschl
Christina John
Christoph Walz
Cornelius M. Uerlichs
Craig Sinnamon
Daniel Eatock
Dirk Heider
Erik Spiekermann
Erwin K. Bauer
Eva Thiessies
Fabian Köper
Fanette Mellier
Frank Philippin
Fraser Muggeridge
Gerwin Schmidt
Giovani Castelucci
Guilherme Vieira
Holger Jacobs
Jörg Bruppacher
Jörg Hemker
Johannes Bissinger
Joost Grootens
Jürgen Graef
Julian Weidenthaler
Julian Zimmermann
Kate Moross
Leonardo Sonnoli
Linde Böhm
Marcus Kraft
Marvin Klee
Mary Voorhees Meehan
Michael Mischler
Mike Fuisz
Mimmo Manes
Nicolas Bourquin
Nicole Schwarz
Niklaus Thoenen
Nina Magdalena Hug
Pascal Fedorec
Paulus M. Dreibholz
Philipp Putzer
Ralph Burkhardt
Robert Lzicar
Romilly Winter
Ronald Fueglister
Ruediger Quass von Deyen
Ryan Waller
Sebastian Klebe
Stefan Mayer
Stefan Sagmeister
Stefanie Posavec
Stepan Prokop
Tino Graß
Wolfgang Töchterle
Alessandra Vicentini
Annelies Furtschegger
Ariane Löbert
Barbara Kofler
Benjamin Prantner
Bernhard Kasseroler
Christine Ladstätter
Claudia Deimel
Daniel Weger
Doris Wisthaler
Elisabeth Batz
Elmar Heidenberger
Galina Bankova
Hanspeter Augschöll
Harald Roalter
Helmut Fluck
Jakob Oberrauch
Jane Treial
Katharina Kofler
Lars van Susteren
Lena Richter
Leo Noel
Lisa Psaier
Luca Baldini
Manfred Thaler
Manuel Egger
Manuel Lambacher
Marian Izsak
Martin Fischnaller
Michael Graff
Michael Rauter
Nico Keller
Nina Maccariello
Oskar Profanter
Patrick Seelaus
Paul Gruber
Ruth Wieser
Sabine Psaier
Sabrina Drosten
Silvia Zieger
Sophie Zijistra
Stefan Profanter
Steven Sillamaa
Thomas Fischnaller
Tim Jäger