• We develop our ideas together. We are two people with different opinions and points of view – this is an important aspect in developing our ideas.

    • Michael Mischler

    • As a group, sharing multiple ideas and talking them through, OR on walks, in dreams.

    • Ryan Waller

    • Research, discussions with my studio partners, collecting moods, try outs and read the briefing intently.

    • Julian Zimmermann

    • A long period of thinking and research. Sometimes I sketch ideas on paper. Normally, when the idea rises up, I work on the PC directly.

    • Mimmo Manes

    • This depends on the project, but I love to sit together with my team to brainstorm and to start conversations.

    • Christina John

    • Analysing, research, scribbling on paper, digital scribbles, presentation and further improvement.

    • Jörg Bruppacher

    • We develop our ideas together. We are two people with different opinions and points of view – this is an important aspect in developing our ideas.

    • Niklaus Thoenen

    • Pen, paper, cup of tea. Short brainstorm-session with someone.

    • Linde Böhm

    • Talking with the colleagues in the office. Helpful: tee, coffee and sketch book. Or, later: wine and cigarettes.

    • Andreas Uebele

    • To get a clear view on the topic I usually sort any information I get into one of three simple categories. Then I try to verbalize the problem as detailed as possible. On that basis I start to design.

    • Sebastian Klebe

    • When I work with musicians I listen to their music, when I design stuff for motion pictures I watch the film. Everything I do is deeply influenced by the product itself, my work comes from that and then it is very easy.

    • Christian Pitschl

    • Mainly from what’s there. But some ideas need even more.

    • Robert Lzicar

    • Conceptual thinking and analysis of an assignment. Typological research: looking at other books, mostly. Sketching.

    • Joost Grootens

    • I speak to client. I think about what they actually need. I think about how I can design probably while doing something else. I start doing.

    • Craig Sinnamon

    • While taking a walk, cooking, during conversations with people which surround me.

    • Nina Magdalena Hug

    • By trying, by discussing, by putting inspiration up on the wall.

    • Dirk Heider

    • With my colleagues and partners by talking a lot and drawing sketches.

    • Alfonso Demetz

    • Researching, analysing, discussing and weighing the parameters of the project and also during the actual design work itself – I guess you could call it informed play.

    • Paulus M. Dreibholz

    • Read, run, cook, talk, walk, laugh, share, make, remake, publish, change, talk.

    • Daniel Eatock

    • Thinking, starting, dismiss, beginning again, thinking, speak with other graphic designers.

    • Nicole Schwarz

    • Think. Research. Rethink. Sketch. Discuss with the team. Rethink. Select.

    • Erwin K. Bauer

    • Read the briefing. Try to understand. Read the briefing again. Drink a coffee. Read the briefing again. Do some moods, and try to think further than needed.

    • Pascal Fedorec

    • Before I start, I want to know the “essence” of the project. That’s usually a lot of thinking about the briefing, talking to the client, research, etc. After that the design is usually done quite easily.

    • Marcus Kraft

    • I like to start trying understand the problem and discuss about that. After that its a process of experimentations and analyse for a possible solution for the problem.

    • Guilherme Vieira

    • Read, think, try, think, read, think, try – to be looped in shuffled order.

    • Ronald Fueglister

    • Sketch, think, smoke, looking in to the wall, listening to loud music.

    • Stepan Prokop

    • Usually I begin with a series of really rough doodles on paper. I decide on a few directions to pursue and then go digital. Working in Indesign or illustrator, I create a first round of sketches to show a client.

    • Mary Voorhees Meehan

    • Realize the need of the client. if you really understand a problem, solutions come intuitively.

    • Marvin Klee

    • Deeply understanding the problem, making a lot of research, writing down some first ideas, relaxing, looking at the first ideas and evolving them, show to trustful friends, changing again.

    • Giovani Castelucci

    • Read, think, draw, look at stuff, talk about it, try it out, refine, reject.

    • Christoph Walz

    • A mixture of research, intuition and trying out things. Motto: One step forward, two steps back and so on.

    • Frank Philippin

    • Go for a walk. Sit in a sidewalk cafe watching people go by. Do serious research. Travel (or just get out of the city). Talk to client extensively.

    • Stefan Sagmeister

    • Brainstorming, talking about their ideas together in groups, searching the Internet, traveling and visiting new and inspiring places.

    • Hanspeter Augschöll

    • Meeting with the client > research about the theme (internet, books), look for inspiration, gathering ideas for the design > sketching > design the product > presentation > being satisfied.

    • Harald Roalter

    • Gathering ideas through brainstormings, reading literature for designers, internet surfing.

    • Elmar Heidenberger

    • First by research and idea gathering, refining the ideas in their head and then finally the designing.

    • Stefan Profanter

    • By keeping themselves in motion, which means that it might sometimes be better to leave the office and have a run in the park to not get stuck in an idea.

    • Marian Izsak

    • Not a clue. It will remain an eternal mystery to me.

    • Luca Baldini

    • They work constantly on the projects: reading, writing, drawing – they manage the format.

    • Nina Maccariello

    • Research, inspiration, checking practicability, checking back with the client.

    • Nico Keller

    • They gather ideas from their own large pool of creative thoughts and their experiences, do researches on the internet or in other media, and take their inspiration from other designer’s work.

    • Ariane Löbert

    • Looking at preexistent concepts, visual art from all periods of history, established ideas in the field of aesthetics.

    • Tim Jäger

    • Process: research, talk with others, sketching, talk with others, refine, talk with others, refine and complete.

    • Annelies Furtschegger

    • Through other projects as reference, research about the product, object, the company, the client as person.

    • Martin Fischnaller

    • Designers have a concept in their head which they change many times to get the best solution.

    • Sabine Psaier

    • Inspiration, research, brainstorming methods, while listening to music, discussions.

    • Claudia Deimel

    • Staring at their computer, sketching on paper with special pencils.

    • Patrick Seelaus

    • Firstly they do some research to get inspiration and then they get some crude idea and start improving it step by step.

    • Steven Sillamaa

    • They first talk to the client about their ideas, then do research about the audience and the field. Then do some brainstorming (alone or in groups), start writing or drawing and designing.

    • Ruth Wieser

    • Doing research and combine that with the organisation they work for. Trail and Error.

    • Sabrina Drosten

    • Probably every designer has its own way. In front of the computer, sitting on the toilet, doing sports, drawing and doing sketches, while sleeping?

    • Lena Richter

    • Inspiration through environment, media, family, friends, colleagues.

    • Lisa Psaier

    • Mind maps, inspiration by walking, discussions in a team, reading, watching, trying and testing (includes presentation).

    • Silvia Zieger

    • They get their ideas from their surrounding, from family, friends, adverts, internet, books and from their improved thinking about a thing.

    • Barbara Kofler

    • Read magazines, observe the environment, inspiration by music, nature, colours – everything around them.

    • Doris Wisthaler

    • I don’t know. It depends on the designer, some of them do simply always have ideas, some have to create a new concept by hard work.

    • Michael Graff

    • I think they start with a brainstorm. Then research on the topic, collecting pictures and inspiration. Then they start to shape their project.

    • Paul Gruber

    • Brainstorm session and inspiration from architecture, books, internet, photgraphy etc.

    • Lars van Susteren

    • Mainly trough research (about the company, the new product, references, etc.).

    • Katharina Kofler

    • Inspiration from their environment, from the internet, from colleagues.

    • Manuel Egger

    • They think twice, garner ideas, speak with people, make a plan (sometimes), collect materials and start.

    • Helmut Fluck

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