• Content and Form – not to be defined. To quote Hollein “all is architecture”. My expanded definition of architecture reflects my interdisciplinary professions: Editorial and Publishing, Curation, Conception, Communications, Architecture and Graphic Design – Creative Direction.

    • Chrissie Muhr

    • Learning. As designer I learn fantastic new things every day.

    • Eva Thiessies

    • I manipulate people’s perception and get paid for it.

    • Holger Jacobs

    • “Communication Designer.” “Huh? Are you connected with telecommunication?” “No, i am graphic designer.” “Ah! You are working in an advertising company.” “Ähm, no – we are the Schilderfritzen.”

    • Andreas Uebele

    • My role as a designer is packaging my clients content through graphic design – to give a sense of emotion.

    • Fraser Muggeridge

    • Carrying informations by extraordinary forms.

    • Tino Graß

    • I tried to tell that I am a communication designer or a visual communicator, but both didn’t work too well so I switched to say I am a graphic designer.

    • Marvin Klee

    • I’m working as a graphic designer. Mostly in the fields of branding/corporate design, editorial and a super-little bit of advertising.

    • Christian Begusch

    • I’m thinking about the relations between myself, communication and individuals.

    • Guilherme Vieira

    • I’m doing what I love and what I always wanted to do. Every day I give in to temptations based on Oscar Wilde: “One should give into temptations. Who knows if they will come again!”

    • Christina John

    • I am currently thinking about wearable technology, plants, English grammar, and data as a design material.

    • Stefanie Posavec

    • I reflect and structure content and give it the best fitting form. I develop typefaces and self-initiated publications in art-related content and other smaller products.

    • Niklaus Thoenen

    • I research and scrutinise, search and discover, analyse and discuss, define and advise. I reflect and reduce, order and structure, group and arrange, plan and conceive. I sketch and visualize, draft and design, test and evaluate, write and present.

    • Jürgen Graef

    • Design, illustration, art direction, moving image.

    • Kate Moross

    • I’m a graphic designer. And what do you do as a graphic designer? – Then, I try and explain my work in an abstract way, try to explain the word visual communication and its meaning. But, usually I end up giving examples of what things I design.

    • Dirk Heider

    • I make complex things appear comprehensible – which means: designers have to learn every day.

    • Pascal Fedorec

    • I mostly say: “it’s very complicated to explain.”

    • Bernd Hilpert

    • Running. In the attempt to do all things my life offers me. In profession, family, teaching.

    • Leonardo Sonnoli

    • I am working as a graphic designer, lecturer and researcher.

    • Robert Lzicar

    • Usually I say I make logos, printed matter and websites. That seems to be the quickest way for non-designers to understand.

    • Craig Sinnamon

    • All kind of things and too many to list. As a graphic designer my main interest is described through the word ‘interpretation’.

    • Frank Philippin

    • Visual communication – Finding comprehensible and consequent solutions for complex issues. Giving a company a face which fits with their potency.

    • Jörg Bruppacher

    • Like Robert Lax once wrote in one of his poems: “I’m into the business of doing what I’m doing.”

    • Gerwin Schmidt

    • Design. Its a broad term which is how I like to see it. You can apply your thinking to any number of things which is the great thing about it.

    • Romilly Winter

    • Respond to needs, aim to resolve problems and make things function.

    • Daniel Eatock

    • Designers must clean the world from the excess of informations.

    • Mimmo Manes

    • I interpret between clients and their customers, making the world understandable and a little more beautiful.

    • Erik Spiekermann

    • Recombination of information. START: task. PROCESS: talk > think > draw > present > talk > refine > rethink > redraw > represent. END: visual solution.

    • Christoph Walz

    • I am making things look nicer and easier to understand – at least I try, ha ha. I work for a better communication between people.

    • Christian Hundertmark

    • I reflect and structure content and give it the best fitting form. I develop typefaces and self-initiated publications in art-related content and other smaller products.

    • Michael Mischler

    • I am a graphic designer. Sometimes I also say, “I am a graphic designer and artist.” I also just launched a store to provide a framework for making a non-commissioned way.

    • Mary Voorhees Meehan

    • That’s hard to explain. They have to plan projects in different media (virtual, print). They work with concepts, ideas, creativity and computers.

    • Barbara Kofler

    • In the journalistic environment designers create layouts for print, develop graphics and info graphics, edit photos, etc.

    • Ariane Löbert

    • Create and design for several purposes on computer.

    • Leo Noel

    • Design services and products, and make concepts to fit into modern lifestyle.

    • Michael Graff

    • Designers do work in the field of corporate design and create an attractive and unified visual appearance. They create in close cooperation with the customer communication strategies to promote and support the selling process. I think designers are increasingly working in the fields of web design.

    • Bernhard Kasseroler

    • I think they design things to look nice and functional, according to something someone else tells them to do.

    • Sophie Zijistra

    • A designer’s work isn’t somehow just groundless dreaming of things which cannot be introduced to our dailies life but is surrounding us in many aspects of life. His/her work demands a lot of passion and the will to let time go for the projects he/she really wants to pursuit.

    • Marian Izsak

    • They create all sorts of creative things, which would never have occurred to “normal people”.

    • Sabine Psaier

    • They design and create new graphical concepts by using their knowledge to arrange items and select appropriate colors.

    • Stefan Profanter

    • I think designers create something like pictures of messages or specific content.

    • Patrick Seelaus

    • I think designers can create almost anything, furniture, fabrics, logos, etc. Their job is to be creative, in many ways.

    • Ruth Wieser

    • Help their clients to communicate in an appropriate way.

    • Daniel Weger

    • They create modern, beautiful and functional products and services – which we need or not – in our environment.

    • Martin Fischnaller

    • Designers try to issue a statement – which is desired by the employer – in an appealing way. But they also have their own thumbprint.

    • Silvia Zieger

    • They give things, brands, companies and other things a face, an image.

    • Lena Richter

    • Creating Artworks which help increasing the image of a company and their sales.

    • Jakob Oberrauch

    • They design websites, applications, corporate identity, posters, flyers, stickers, advertisement.

    • Sabrina Drosten

    • The designer develops an idea, in a kind of process which will be possible to realise. The designer is working in an artistic way.

    • Nina Maccariello

    • After a brief designer translate the idea of the product on paper or as file, lends colour to it and explains it to who is going to realize or develop it.

    • Christine Ladstätter

    • They design concepts for products and adverts for a special aim.

    • Luca Baldini

    • They work on their computer, design flyer, brochures, magazines, books, etc. They put photography, illustrations and typography together and the result has to convince the viewer.

    • Harald Roalter

    • Incorporate information creatively to draw attention and portray the innovation and speciality of a product.

    • Claudia Deimel

    • Designers help create appealing and functional Products with high quality standards.

    • Nico Keller

    • They have graphic abilities and can communicate information visually.

    • Manuel Lambacher

    • Designers are elaborating ideas in order to visualize feelings, emotions, messages via different media.

    • Paul Gruber

    • Designers create all the cool and extraordinary stuff around us.

    • Steven Sillamaa

    • Designers develop ideas to make our environment more “beautiful”.

    • Katharina Kofler

    • They design products, their parts. They design webpages and do other graphical works like books and ads.

    • Jane Treial

    • Design websites, ads, leaflets – to present companies, their clients, in an appealing way.

    • Manuel Egger

    • A designer creates and works with photography, websites, films, etc. A good designer should have technical skills and knowledge about the usability of the selected medium. The designer creates a functional product due to the designer’s expertise and according to the client’s needs.

    • Doris Wisthaler

    • Creative planning and realisation of different projects and various media.

    • Lisa Psaier

    • Designers are like artists. They translate our marketing concepts, ideas, advertising messages into graphics, on paper, big prints, online, listings etc.

    • Elmar Heidenberger

    • They are responsible for a lot of advertising actions, passing on messages, placing products.

    • Oskar Profanter

    • Designers create the interfaces through which humans interact with information. Designers are necessary for turning a good idea into a great one.

    • Tim Jäger

    • Creating layouts for project works, structuring information and making it legible, suiting requests users.

    • Elisabeth Batz

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